The LUMICRA Tunable slider is an advanced illumination tool designed to quickly and efficiently achieve relief contrast in a light microscope. As with other contrast methods (phase contrast, DIC, etc.), the setting of the relief contrast technique depends on the numerical aperture (NA) of the lenses and for common plug-in inserts it is not necessary to select a suitable socket position for a particular lens with its numerical aperture.

The LUMICRA Tunable slider overcomes the usual limitations in this respect and, on the contrary, brings a number of advantages. Relief contrast can be quickly customized for any lens using the rotary control. At the same time, it is also possible to tune the appropriate intensity of the relief contrast for each lens with any NA, namely the contrast of weak, medium and extra strong levels. You can easily adapt the relief contrast to various samples or your needs when observing these microscopic objects. A well-tuned 3D image of the observed microscopic sample will help to observe even the finest details of difficult-to-observe objects, such as bacteria, tissue sections, cells, protozoa, sperm, fibers, diatoms, aquatic organisms, and more. Feel free to check out our video demonstrating the Relief contrast effect --->>>

Please look at our image gallery of 3D relief contrast imaging or look at 3D relief imaging in comparison with different observing methods:

Image gallery
Contrasts comparison
Image gallery
Observation methods comparison

Although the LUMICRA Tunable slider is designed primarily to achieve an effective level of relief contrast, it also has the ability to observe in a dark field with directional illumination. This contrast method can be achieved with lenses with a magnification of about 4X - 20X. Many microscopic specimens can be observed at three magnifications in three modes - bright field, embossed contrast and directional dark field. You can achieve these modes one by one by turning the control.

Relief contrast can vary for many observed objects, whose structural representation depends on the direction of illumination. LUMICRA Tunable allows lighting from two directions, depending on the slider being inserted into the condenser from the left or right side. Due to the different directional illumination, it is thus possible to observe different details depending on the direction of illumination.