LUMICRA Relief Contrast
Ukázka nepřímého nasvětlení u mikroskopu
LUMICRA Relief Contrast
LUMICRA Relief Contrast
LUMICRA Relief Contrast

3D a high contrast imaging

With LUMICRA products, you get new possibilities of detailed and contrast observation of your samples using the Relief Contrast technique. Relief contrast is a very effective way to increase contrast in light microscopy applicable to a wide range of transparent and semi-transparent microscopic objects. Relief contrast will not only help to increase the contrast when observing samples, but will also achieve the plasticity of the examined object. When observing a sample, you get many details not only on its surface.

LUMICRA Sliders for light microscopy use advanced indirect illumination techniques to achieve relief contrast - illumination from a light microscope source is modified for this purpose by illuminating the subject from one or more directions at specific angles to the optical axis of the microscope. LUMICRA sliders allow more comfortable detailed and contrasting observation of your samples with minimal costs.

The resulting high contrast 3D images of the observed sample will help you observe the finest details in difficult-to-observe objects, such as tissue slides, bacteria, single non-adhered cells, protozoa, sperm, fibres, diatoms, aquatic organisms and others.

LUMICRA Relief Contrast 3D effect
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Relief Contrast image
Relief Contrast image
Relief Contrast image

Enhanced oblique illumination technique managed by LUMICRA sliders achieves very similar results as when using advanced contrast light microscopy methods, such as Nomarski DIC, phase contrast, Hoffman contrast. Moreover, it provides a more efficient and affordable solution compared to the abovementioned methods. Lumicra sliders are, therefore, suitable for scientific, student and routine microscopes.

Solusions for Leica microscopes

Practical all-metal Lumicra sliders with rubber handles ensure comfortable adjustment of oblique illumination with the Leica microscope. The inserts are multi-position, where each position of the Lumicra insert has a specific shape and design, so they can easily adjust the transmitted light and change its character – the amount and the angle of the transmitted light. The sliders can, therefore, also be adapted for use with microscope lenses of various magnifications and numerical apertures.

LEICA DM500 DM750 condenser
Sliders for Relief Contrast Lumicra

In our product offerings, you will find several versions of sliders that are fully compatible with the Leica DM500, DM750 and DM1000 light-microscope models. The inserts are designed for the supported condenser No. 13613 (and are also compatible with other supported condensers), which can also be purchased from us, if of interest.


We would like to introduce our new a fully tunable LUMICRA Tunable insert. The tunable slider allows you to comfortably and quickly adjust the relief contrast to any objective lens while adjusting the amount of contrast increase.

The tunable slider LUMICRA Tunable also has a mode for observation in a dark field with directional illumination. Thus, you can observe many microscopic samples at low magnification in three modes in transmitted light - in a bright field, with relief contrast and in a directional dark field. You can achieve these modes one by one by turning the control knob.

You can adapt the relief contrast to different samples or needs when observing these microscopic objects. A well-tuned 3D image of the observed microscopic sample will help to observe even the finest details in difficult-to-observe objects, such as bacteria, tissue sections, cells, protozoa, sperm, fibers, diatoms, aquatic organisms and more. Continue here...

Where to buy

Lumicra sliders for Leica light microscopes can be purchased on behalf of Pragolab s.r.o. in the Czech Republic. If you are interested in learning more or purchasing Relief Contrast sliders, insert components or specific customised solutions for other microscopes, such as Olympus, Nikon or Zeiss, contact us using the form in the contacts.

If you are interested in LUMICRA inserts for Leica microscopes or other specific solutions for Olympus, Nikon, Zeiss and other microscopes, please contact us using the form in the contacts. You can purchase plug-in modules for Leica light microscopes in the Czech Republic on behalf of Pragolab s.r.o. If you are interested in our products, please contact the Pragolab sales department directly. We will be happy to provide any further information or technical parameters, do not hesitate to contact us.

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